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The Chateaux Information Center is a collection of useful articles, publications, case studies, videos, and white papers written by Chateaux Thought Leaders and skilled technologists. These materials cover a wide variety of topics, including mobile BI, lean architecture methods, implementing data management, and technical tips and reviews.

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    Featured Topic: Cloud Strategy and Implementation

    Watch a quick clip of Chateaux Cloud Expert, Sam Somashekar, discussing the top five questions clients ask about cloud.

    Chateaux Principal Ken Zimmerman speaks with TMCnet

    Electronic Marketing: Integrating Electronic Resources into the Marketing Process

    Electronic Marketing By Ken Zimmerman, Chateaux Software Senior BI Architect

    This innovative and exciting book combines the traditional proven marketing process of situation analysis, marketing planning, and marketing implementation to introduce the enhanced speed, accuracy, and targetability of electronic marketing resources. Electronic Marketing is the ideal guide for the marketing student to understand and integrate electronic resources into the learning process. It has been said that a successful marketer’s career depends on two qualities — the ability to organize and the ability to persuade. The purpose of this textbook is to assist marketers and marketing students in recognizing the value of electronic marketing resources and to demonstrate how to integrate these electronic tools into each stage of the marketing process.

    Oracle Networking: Your Key to Becoming a Master Builder in Oracle

    Oracle Networking By Hugo Toledo, Chateaux Software Senior BI Architect

    This book is a necessity for those planning, developing, and maintaining Oracle components. It shares the secrets of building a networked environment using the full range of Oracle tools. Readers will learn how to create a networked Oracle database environment that fully realizes its potential. They will find coverage of topics from Windows 95 workstations to Oracle Internet databases and everything in between. Also included are many useful examples of security, examples, network utilization modeling, and even Oracle Mobile Agents implementation. This is the most complete book avialable for those who use Oracle to design and develop database systems.

    SAP BO Data Services (BODS) 4.2 - Full SQL Push Down

    SAP Business Objects Data Services 4 is a powerful ETL platform. It enables rapid development of complex ETL, and if designed properly, facilitates tremendous throughput of high data volumes. However, proper design requires know-how, and the following may help avoid some hard learned lessons around ETL performance. This article will focus on the “Full SQL Push Down” method, and how that can help you quickly process hundreds of millions of records. Read More

    Top 4 Tips for a Successful Business Intelligence Project

    Selecting your organization’s first BI project can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have any business intelligence infrastructure in place. Where do you start? How do you know if you are selecting the right solution? The process does not have to be as great a challenge as it seems, provided that you follow a few guidelines. Read More

    Breaking the Barriers Part 2: Overcoming Data Ownership Issues and Related Politics

    In order to implement data management, many organizations must overcome the obstacles created by data ownership and related politics. Problems arise when the data owners differ from the data users, causing modifications to be made to the data that inadvertently impact the data’s content, meaning, or function.
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    Chateaux Deploys Innovative Network Management Solution

    With a growing number of internal servers to manage, Chateaux Senior BI Technologist, Sam Wuertz, set out to find a way to more effectively administer the company's network.
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    Working with SQL Server Schema Bound Views

    This article presents an overview of Schema Binding and explores both the potential benefits and hazards of utilizing indexed views.
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    Breaking the Barriers: Creating Data Management Practices in a Siloed Organization

    The most-cited barrier to creating coordinated data management practices within an organization is a corporate culture based on information silos. There is no quick fix for this problem, but by understanding the underlying factors we are able to mitigate issues and find a pathway to success.
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    In-Memory Solutions for the iPad

    SAP BusinessObjects™ has made their BI suite iPad-friendly and Chateaux Software has harnessed these powerful analytic tools and optimized them to suit the needs of the dynamic executive.
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